What are Virtual Guard Services?

What are Virtual Guard Services?

Company News | February 10, 2021

What are Virtual Guard Services? — Virtual guard services, also known as remote guarding, are some of the most sophisticated and cost-effective monitoring solutions available. Combining advanced camera and sensor technology with software that employs the latest in AI and machine learning, virtual security guards can monitor anything from businesses to homes and property.

Today’s monitoring solutions are so advanced that you can identify the difference between designated individuals or an intruder and dispatch security within seconds, without the need for human intervention. Now is a great time to start thinking about investing in virtual guard services. Consider the following highlights as you determine the best approach for your organization.

AI and Machine Learning

As AI technology becomes more intelligent and more observant, virtual guard capabilities can handle complex situations with greater accuracy. Recognizing everything from individuals and delivery drivers to criminal activity and weapons, virtual guards eliminate human error and provide greater accuracy than ever before. System settings can be adjusted to recognize predetermined scenarios and follow specific criteria, allowing you to dispatch alarms, send SMS notifications, permit access, and so much more.


Intelligent Sensing

The days of on-premises security personnel are no more with today’s powerful camera and sensor technology. In addition to identifying individuals, activities, and objects with greater precision than traditional services, innovative guard technology can determine smoke, flames, flooding, and other unusual activity. The performance is becoming so precise it can even differentiate smoke caused by a burnt piece to toast from a building fire. Daily activities, trends, and the number of people in a building can also be recorded to provide greater accuracy for emergency services in the event of a dangerous situation.  

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Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and analytics will provide an efficiency beyond what we know today. Based on identifying patterns and distinguishing certain conditions, including face recognition, the information will be successfully routed to better secure people and facilities.

Two-Way Voice and Remote Voice Down

With integrated PBX technology, two-way voice and remote voice down services are easy to implement and allow you to provide more services from any location. Whether the system identifies trespassers and sends a prerecorded message, or you are performing virtual doorman services and need to interact remotely with a guest at a gate or door, two-way voice and remote voice down capabilities give you the ability to communicate and perform essential tasks without being on-site.

Reducing Costs with Greater Accuracy

When we think of traditional guard services, on-premises security employees and large monitoring centers probably come to mind. But with advanced AI technology and machine learning capabilities, the level of human participation is significantly reduced and, in some cases, even eliminated. With tools that can handle mundane events and identify urgent situations, guard staff responsibilities can be refined to focus on significant incidents and customer interactions. Data is also recorded and available in real-time to provide accurate information for first responders, court cases, and later review.   Whether it’s one premises or multiple locations, virtual guard services allow you to do more with greater reliability, instant response, and reduced costs. “When it comes to interactive monitoring, the new technology that is now available is a game-changer,” says DICE Corporation Co-President Avi Lupo. “Today, there are so many opportunities for everyone from property managers to integrators rethinking the possibilities of video monitoring.” The New DICE Corporation specializes in virtual guard technology and can help you customize solutions to meet your unique requirements. Contact us today to schedule a commitment-free virtual demo.

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