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AI the Future of Monitoring Services

Company News | January 27, 2021

AI the Future of Monitoring Services – The rapid growth of Artificial Intelligence is leading to new opportunities in remote security monitoring.

Nothing has been more promising than the rapid development and effectiveness of artificial intelligence (AI) monitoring and event management. Our blog AI the future of monitoring services is about using new AI technologies like human/object detection, machine learning, and automation, video surveillance systems turn into smart visual intelligence hubs that can identify actions, events, patterns, and even predictive analytics. So how can your business benefit from AI? Here are four ways this new technology is bringing monitoring centers into the future.

Facial Recognition and Human/Object Detection

Facial recognition has been around for some years now. Most of us use it every day to unlock our smartphones or access secured buildings without giving it much thought. But this technology has been a breakthrough in the AI movement, paving the way for advanced solutions like human/object detection.

Machine learning technology can recognize almost anything, including weapons, clothing, movements, vehicles, and individuals in a crowd. We can also identify abnormalities or potential threats almost instantaneously, triggering an event or alarm in a fraction of the time it would take a human. These features are already making a significant impact as companies like IBM invest in resources to stop human trafficking, which victimizes millions of people worldwide each year.

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Behavioral and Environmental Awareness

In addition to identifying humans and objects, AI technology can identify behavioral or environmental factors that seem out of the ordinary. Terrorist activity, fighting, public indecency, and traffic are just a few of the almost endless behavioral activities that we can monitor with AI. During the COVID-19 pandemic, thermal temperature scanning tools became invaluable, giving employers and medical facilities new tools to record an individual’s temperature almost instantaneously using camera sensors. AI is also becoming more prominent in the home. Using your household’s patterns and aggregated data from other residents, we can identify fires, floods, and carbon monoxide far sooner than with traditional detectors. These tools are so precise. They can even determine the difference between a building on fire and a burned piece of toast.

Productivity Enhancement

When it comes to safety and security, there is no room for errors. With human monitoring and traditional sensors, minutes can pass before a dispatcher receives an alarm or an event. New monitoring technology backed by AI can deliver immediate assistance with greater accuracy than ever before, allowing your team to focus on priority events. Remote guard and doorman services are now possible with enhanced cameras, monitors, and two-way voice features, allows one person to do the job of many.

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By: Steve Lasky the Editorial Director of the Endeavor Media Security Group

Big Data Collection

One of the more significant advantages of AI is analyzing and understanding mass quantities of data acquired by the internet of things (IoT.) Detection, awareness, and automation tools rely on massive amounts of data to operate with accuracy and efficiency. Footage and data are gathered worldwide, dissected using algorithms. Databases are updated continuously to provide greater accuracy and more in-depth insight into the data.

It may seem like something from the future, but AI is here, and it is changing the way we interact for the better. For more information on how the New DICE uses AI to enhance monitoring and event management, or contact us to schedule a virtual demo.

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