Embracing Software Change

Embrace Software Change With These Helpful Tips

Company News | August 26, 2021

Embrace Software Change With These Helpful Tips – Help Your Organization Embrace Software Change with These Tips – We’ve all heard the famous quote, “change is the only constant in life.” But for anyone trying to adapt to something new, that sentiment is easier said than done. Even for those open to change, it still takes time and effort to get accustomed to everything from new technology to a different route to work. And if you think it’s hard for an individual to adjust, getting a large group of people on board at once can seem impossible.

When most companies decide it’s time to invest in new software or make extensive updates to tried-and-true systems, leadership often makes the miscalculation that their teams will handle the transition with nothing more than a few bumps along the way. However, when employees stick to their old ways or are reluctant to adopt a new approach, it can have a devastating impact on everything from productivity to morale. If your organization is considering switching to new software or technology, it is a must to lay the groundwork for successful implementation. Here are a few tips to help your team embrace the change. 

Don’t Make It Difficult to Embrace Software Change

Communicate Openly & Clearly

Before you seriously consider choosing a new provider or solution, it’s a good idea to communicate with your team directly, explaining why change is necessary and what you’re looking to accomplish. Not only will this allow everyone to feel like part of the solution, but it will also give you better insight into the pros and cons of your current systems – including ways to improve in the future. Don’t forget to maintain clear communication throughout the entire process. When people detect an absence of information, they often assume the worst.

Involve Your Team at All Levels If You Want Them To Embrace Software Change

Depending on the project’s scope, it is a good idea to include a select group of planners at all levels of your organization. It’s easier to get people to adapt to something new when they’ve been part of the planning from day one. Encourage each individual involved to identify benchmarks, questions, and areas of concern early in the process.   

Select Implementation Advocates

Even with a transparent, inclusive plan in place, resistance to change will still be inevitable. Identify implementation advocates to assist in conveying why a new approach is necessary. It’s one thing to hear the advantages of change from team leaders, but peers emulating those words can make a big difference in acceptance. Your implementation advocates are also ideal candidates for early beta testing and training.    

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Plan a Roll-Out & Offer Support To Help Embrace Software Change

One of the biggest mistakes organizations make when introducing new systems and technology is dropping everything at once and expecting new users to get up to speed on their own. Plan a roll-out in easy-to-master steps and introduce software to small groups or teams at first. There will be many questions, so make sure you provide adequate instructions and support.    

Gather Feedback & Make Adjustments

A common theme in ensuring teams embrace new software is building trust and ensuring every user has a say.  After the complete roll-out has taken place, compile feedback using surveys or one-on-one conversations. This information will be key in ensuring a successful transition and many years of success, from features that work well to areas that need adjustment.

Change is never simple but having a strategy in place for new software and technology implementation is key to ensuring your team stays motivated, productive, and on track for success. The New DICE Corporation is committed to providing our software users with the resources they need for a successful transition from training to a comprehensive documentation center. Contact us to learn more and schedule a virtual demo with a DICE representative.

Author: Avi Lupo, Co-President Dice Corporation

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