Matrix Triage

HIPPA compliant, healthcare call center solution with interactive patient call process and the ability to integrate with your medical information software. 


Comply with all Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) software guidelines.

Reduce expenses, streamline services, and reach more patients with flexible call center solutions.

Take Matrix Triage anywhere you need to go on any device without downloading software.

Customize workflows and screen layouts with editable scripts and escalation information.

Integrate with your existing health information system to simplify call handling on one unified system.

Document calls and recordings for billing, insurance, customer inquiries, and service accuracy.

Get the most out of Medicare’s expanded telehealth benefits with our complete HIPAA compliant call center solution.

Here’s how it works

1. Patients speak to a call center professional to discuss health information and symptoms.

2. Call center professionals use your custom scripts and workflows when speaking to patients.

3. Patient calls can be escalated to specialists based on workflow benchmarks.

4. All patient interactions are documented and can be recorded for billing and quality control.

5. Appointments, referrals, and prescriptions are submitted and communicated to the patient.

With recent Medicare funding expanding telehealth coverage for over 71 million Americans and growing public acceptance of virtual healthcare, now is the time to think about becoming a telehealth call center. Our HIPAA compliant telehealth call center screening solutions connect patients to essential healthcare services, document interactions for billing and insurance reimbursement, and help healthcare providers serve more patients.

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