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Plan Ahead for a Safe and Worry-Free Summer Vacation

Company News | July 13, 2021

Plan Ahead for a Safe and Worry-Free Summer Vacation – The summer vacation season is finally here, which means millions of Americans will be hitting the road. But with travel expected to surge and a recent rise in cybercrime, it is important to keep security in mind as you make your plans. Here are six tip to help you avoid security hassles as you head out for a safe, worry-free, and long overdue summer vacation. 

Plan Now for a Safe and Worry-Free Summer Vacation

Lock Down Your Workspace

As you’re preparing to leave the office before a big vacation, the state of your workspace is probably not a top concern. But it should be – especially if you are someone who handles sensitive corporate or personal information. Even if you have a private office, you never know who might gain access to your desk while you’re away. Before leaving for vacation, or an extended period, get in the habit of shutting down computers, removing mobile devices, and securing any sensitive papers that are easily accessible.

Secure Your Devices 

If you’re planning to bring any devices with you on your trip, be sure they are updated, backed up to the cloud, and are equipped with powerful cybersecurity software. To avoid loss or theft, it’s a good idea to only bring the devices you will need and set up multi-factor authentication, trackers, and the ability to erase the device remotely if it should go missing. It’s also a good idea to change passwords on accounts and scan for malware and other vulnerabilities when you return home.

Don’t Bring Company-Issued Devices

Although you’re probably not planning to do a lot of work during your vacation, sometimes it can be unavoidable. However, if your company has issued you an expensive laptop or mobile device, it might not make sense to bring it along if you’re only checking your email or making calls. Not only are you putting a lot of potentially sensitive information at risk, but you could also be liable if the device is lost or damaged. For the occasional call or check-in, it’s probably best to use your personal smartphone or tablet. 

For A Worry-Free Summer Vacation Avoid Public Wi-Fi

When you’re on the go and having trouble connecting to your mobile network, it can be very tempting to click the free public Wi-Fi connection at places like hotels and airports. But did you know you’re exposing yourself to serious threats when you use a public network? Public Wi-Fi is notorious for Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) eavesdropping, malware distribution, and rogue access points pretending to be legitimate networks. The best way to stay safe if you must use public Wi-Fi is to use a virtual private network (VPN) on your laptop or mobile device and avoid logging into any account that contains sensitive information.   

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Watch What You Post on Social Media

It can be tempting to share your vacation experiences with friends and family on social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram. However, when you post photos on public platforms that show you are away, you are letting criminals know that now is the perfect time to hack into your digital accounts or break into your home. You can still take pictures and record your adventures, just post them when you return to let people know you “had” a great time away from home. 

For A Worry-Free Summer Vacation Think About Physical Security 

We’ve spent a lot of time going over digital tips for a safe summer vacation, but physical security is just as important. As you travel, remember to always keep important documents, credit cards, and devices like smartphones with you at all times. If you must leave them behind, make use of your hotel safe or a concealed location in your locked vehicle. It might not be foolproof, but it’s a better alternative than leaving valuable or sensitive items easily accessible in your room, luggage, or car. 

Don’t let your guard down this summer vacation! By planning ahead and following these simple tips, you can avoid some of the major security headaches resulting from cybercrime. If you would like more information on cyber safety and resources for your office, DICE Corporation can help. Contact us today to speak with one of our security center representatives.

Author: Avi Lupo, Co-President Dice Corporation

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