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Company News | June 10, 2021

Essential Virtual Doorman and Concierge Solutions – It may sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but virtual doorman and concierge solutions are among the fastest-growing sectors in virtual security today. Although the features and benefits vary depending on the needs of the premises, virtual doorman and concierge solutions generally consist of a person or team of people working remotely to observe one or more buildings, handle inquiries, receive deliveries, provide access services, and anything onsite staff would typically handle. In addition, some services, such as key fob access, may be completely digital, with no need for human input.   

From offices and hospitality services to landlords with multiple properties, virtual doorman and concierge services could offer the right solutions to meet your needs. Here are a few features to consider if you’re thinking about making the switch to this far-reaching technology.   

Understanding The Essential Virtual Doorman and Concierge Solutions 

Provide Around the Clock Secure Environments 

Although you can’t beat the advantages of having an actual doorman (or woman) in your building, there are many scenarios where this arrangement isn’t feasible. With rising operating costs and challenges associated with hiring and scheduling, going virtual can be a more affordable and efficient option for most buildings. For example, a smaller location might not require a full-time staff to provide services 24/7. Opting for virtual doorman solutions, even if only in quieter hours, gives your occupants and visitors the same levels of service they expect while allowing you to reprioritize your staffing requirements and resources.     

Build Custom Solutions 

Whether you have one building or many, virtual doorman and concierge services offer the flexibility to meet a wide range of needs. The opportunities are immense, from simple access and lock-out solutions to comprehensive tools like video retrieval/lookup. “The New DICE offers a variety of virtual doorman options to meet the needs of today’s connected buildings,” says DICE Corporation co-president Avi Lupo. “With our connected platform, our virtual doorman can be a standalone solution, or it can work together with our monitoring, telecom, and other resources.”  

Become More Efficient 

With AI, machine learning, and other advanced video monitoring technologies, the virtual concierge solutions available today wouldn’t have been possible even five years ago. For example, biometrics and facial recognition tools can permit access. Two-way voice allows people in multiple locations to communicate in real-time, and digital signage and streaming provide buildings with an immersive experience. Additionally, digital services eliminate the need for hiring, training, scheduling, and other obstacles that occur with property management.  

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Increase Property Value  

Tenants generally pay more to have a traditional doorman in the building – especially in larger cities where it provides the luxury of another layer of security. However, if you own a smaller facility or are in a location where these services are not the norm, employing a door attendant has likely never been a possibility. But with new technology that is affordable and easy to implement, virtual doorman solutions can offer a building’s occupants more services and allow landlords to increase the value of their properties by providing additional resources and peace of mind.  

Essential virtual doorman and concierge solutions offer greater security for your tenants, added value for your properties, and the ability to provide additional levels of service. If you are interested in learning more about how you can get started, our team can answer your questions. Contact us today to schedule a commitment-free demo.   

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