Video Analytics Are Impacting Traditional Alarm Monitoring

Video Analytics Are Impacting Traditional Alarm Monitoring

Company News | February 15, 2022

Video Analytics Impacting Traditional Alarm Monitoring – Video analytics empower traditional alarm monitoring companies to do more through interactive video surveillance. The transition from conventional alarm monitoring technology to digital video solutions provides a higher level of security and protection for customers while improving central station monitoring productivity.

Every day, more businesses, schools, and families rely on interactive video surveillance devices to provide just-in-time notifications, reduce false alarms, or benefit from various virtual security services.

How Video Analytics Are Impacting the Alarm Industry?

Video alarm monitoring is an innovative and interactive alternative to standard security alarm monitoring. Video analytics uses intelligent algorithms to perform security-related functions. For example, object detection, person detection, animal detection, virtual fencing, or directional notifications can detect suspicious behavior and alert central station monitoring personnel to a potential problem.

Video analytics also analyze video inputs digitally, meaning the system transforms video footage into intelligent data to aid better decision-making. The technology can automatically recognize temporal and spatial events in videos. Through AI and machine learning, video alarm monitoring companies can monitor and detect changes in the subject environment, entities, object attributes, movement behaviors, and other elements.

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Innovation is making the world a safer place.

Traditional alarm monitoring companies are making the digital transition to interactive video solutions that apply video analytics, and AI to video streamed to central alarm monitoring stations.

The video monitoring software analyzes, manages, and scrubs vast volumes of video footage. The analyzed footage is used for real-time monitoring or retrospectively to review past events to confirm suspicious incidents or gain data from past patterns and behaviors.

Video analytics is making the world a safe place through innovative technology that:

  • Recognize camera tampering
  • Detects various types of movement
  • Recognize people
  • Count subjects in view
  • Track subjects
  • Detect objects taken or left behind
  • Identify smoke, fire, and other dangerous anomalies

How Can DICE Help Enhance Your Central Station?

The MATRIX INTERACTIVE software uses Al video analytics and advanced machine learning for accurate and reliable situational awareness. With DICE’s video analytics, system configurations and operations occur in the cloud through embedded Al video analytics. Additionally, DICE has partnered with leading analytic video companies Actuate, Calipsa, Cawamo, Evolon, and IronYun for even more power. Contact us today to learn how and schedule a virtual demo with a DICE representative.

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