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Unified Office Management Solutions Solve Central Station Pain Points

Company News | April 21, 2021

Unified Office Management Solutions Solve Central Station Pain Points – Relying on too many single-purpose office applications is a common mistake among central station owners looking to operate an efficient and thriving business. Not only does the time and money spent using single-purpose tools add up quickly, but many companies and their employees are overwhelmed by the complexity and inadequacy of the very solutions that should be saving them time and money.

To help central stations get the most out of their office software in departments such as service and accounting, the New DICE Corporation offers a truly unified connected cloud solution that works together seamlessly with monitoring software and other integrated technologies. This blog will explore some common pain points central stations are experiencing with their current solutions and how our all-in-one platform can help alleviate these concerns.

Unified Office Management Solutions Solve Central Station Pain Points

Using Out of the Box Accounting Software

One of the most common pain points we encounter when talking to prospects interested in our unified office solutions is the difficulty of handling the complexities of billing and financial management using out-of-the-box accounting software like QuickBooks. Most basic accounting software products are not cloud-based and lack the transparency necessary to operate a managed accounting department properly. Companies have lost thousands of dollars due to lost invoices and errors from manual input in some cases. DICE’s Matrix Accounting platform is designed with the security industry in mind and is backed by Microsoft Dynamics 365. Our financial management software allows you to connect to your central station database, access financial insights and data, set up incremental billing, and manage your company’s financials from any device and location.

Relying on Google Maps and Email to Schedule Service Calls

Although tools like Google’s Maps and Email apps are easy to use and offer a cost-efficient answer to finding locations and communicating with your team, they are not an ideal remedy for routing and managing service technicians. DICE provides a cloud-based service solution connected to your other Matrix tools, streamlining your entire workflow and increasing productivity in your organization. With Matrix Service, your team can easily route calls, update tasks from anywhere, assign jobs, share notes, and much more. By increasing visibility into service operations, promoting productivity, and improving efficiency between office staff and field workers, our Service users also report higher customer retention levels and satisfaction.

Getting Lost Down the Paper Trail

With the affordability and widespread availability of wireless data in most locations, there is no excuse to still rely on paper statements, proposals, and other antiquated written documentation – yet many central stations still do. Not only does this double the amount of time and staff it takes to re-enter data in your software systems, but it is also extremely risky. There is a much higher likelihood of human error, misplaced paperwork, and important information falling through the cracks when working with paper documentation. The New DICE’s cloud-based system is entirely accessible online without downloading apps and accessed on any mobile device. By connecting your office to one unified system, you’ll also be able to collaborate and share information in real-time, giving your team more time to focus on work that matters most to your business.

Managing Inventory Using Spreadsheets

Like using paper, relying on spreadsheets to manage inventory can also lead to big headaches. Yet, many installers seeking our services are still using inefficient tools that aren’t designed for the security industry. Improper inventory management can make or break your business, contributing to business losses and failure to maintain a proper supply chain. But with the right solutions in place, you will save money and fulfill your customers’ needs with ease. DICE’s efficient inventory management tools are connected to our service and accounting solutions to help you accurately assess inventory levels, how much you will need based on sales activity, and much more backed by robust data.

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As much of the world’s workforce has transitioned to working remotely due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, businesses in all industries seek new solutions to keep their teams engaged and on task. Whether you are working from home, the office, or in the field, there is no doubt that all-in-one business management software is one of the best solutions to improve your daily processes and increase productivity during this unprecedented time and well into the future. 

Inconsistent Proposals

Creating proposals is often a dreadful process that involves piecing together parts of old proposals and quotes. Not only does this create an inconsistent and unclear document, but it’s a poor representation of your strengths as a business. That’s why DICE created integrated sales tools and proposal builders that work in tandem with your other Matrix software. These easy-to-use solutions allow you to generate proposals from any device or location with information and data such as pricing and inventory already available in your Matrix platform.

Lack of Information and Reporting

With today’s technology, understanding your business’s strengths and weaknesses is easier than ever. But many central stations have yet to adopt software that will track data that can assist in making important decisions based on facts. Whether it’s our accounting software that uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 or our service and sales solutions, essential information is readily available that allows you to improve business processes. Some of the primary benefits DICE users experience from accessing the data in real-time are predicting consumer behavior, analyzing market trends, and determining ROI, resulting in a reduction in wasted time and money.

As the number of digital office tools required to operate an efficient and thriving central station continues to grow with the advent of new technologies like cloud computing and smart devices, business owners can struggle to search for the right business model. The New DICE Corporation can help you achieve your goals with centralized office solutions on one platform. If you would like to learn more, contact us today to schedule a virtual demo.

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