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Monitoring & Event Management

Enhance efficiency, analyze data, and provide better customer service

Module Overview

Our uniquely configurable layout and workflow built into a sleek, browser-based software gives your security an unparalleled advantage over the competitors. Integrate almost any network-connected device with Matrix Monitoring using our open platform APIs, including PERS and GPS devices. Analyze custom operator, customer, and phone data with our reporting system.

We understand no two monitoring centers, businesses, or industries are the same, which is why our software is built to meet your needs.

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Features & Highlights

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Route calls with IVR

Make the most of your labor hours with IVR call routing, designed to consolidate customer inquiries with the pending alarm queue as part of our iPBX integration.

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Construct custom workflows

Process alarms according to what’s best for your team of operators with the most configurable monitoring software on the market.

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Receive live updates

View real time data on existing and incoming signals, phone calls, operator statuses, and account history as it’s updated.

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Monitoring on thin client software

Enjoy the unique advantage of zero software installation and easy updates bundled in a user-friendly, browserbased monitoring software.

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Add functionality

Receive signals from almost any device connected to the Internet with our open platform API.

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Maintain operator accountability

Continue to provide the highest quality customer service with integrated phone call and operator action recording.

Integrate with CloudEye video recording

Access video surveillance in real time during alarms and other events without leaving your browser. With our CloudEye cloud video recording solution, users connect IP cameras with minimal set up, no capital expense or costly DVR infrastructure, giving monitoring centers more tools to handle alarms efficiently.

Module Add-Ons

Matrix Data Entry

Matrix Data Entry

Enter or manage data inside the Matrix software system with Matrix Data Entry. Once data is entered, it is populated in all elements of your Matrix software, streamlining your entire software system and reducing the number of staff needed to manage your data.

Matrix Home Automation Solutions

Matrix Home Automation Solutions

We offer a variety of home automation tools to manage life safety and comforts for residential users. Users access these solutions via cell phone, tablet, or PC.

PERS Device

Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS)

Many PERS devices are integrated with Matrix to protect and assist the disabled, elderly, or any individual requiring a simplified means of sending an alarm.

Matrix ASAP to PSAP Gateway

Matrix ASAP to PSAP Gateway

Connect your authorized monitoring center with 911 networks or centers across the United States with our ASAP to PSAP gateway. This time and cost-saving service sends dispatches electronically to call centers and first responders, expediting response times.

GPS Monitoring

GPS Monitoring

Locate PERS and GPS-enabled devices with our GPS monitoring solutions. The Matrix mapping gateway also lets users map any PERS or GPS device and delivers the proper PSAP number to 911 dispatchers.

Matrix Email Gateway Service

Matrix Email Gateway Service

Send marketing materials, service notifications, billing statements, and anything you currently print with the Matrix Email Gateway service. With Matrix Email Gateway, users maximize delivery while eliminating the complexity and expense of in-house or third party email services.

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