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Security Operation Centers Tips Before You Build

Company News | October 21, 2021

Security Operation Centers Tips Before You Build – Designing an effective security control and command center is an enormous task for even the most experienced professional. Not only is a unified location for your monitoring infrastructure and technology required, but a space that provides comfort and flexibility for your team to operate 24/7 every day of the year is also a must. With proper planning and realistic expectations, building a functional and effective security operation center can be accomplished no matter your size or expertise. If you’re thinking about designing a new security control and command center, here are a few tips you should consider.

How to Build Effective Security Operation Centers

Set Attainable Goals 

One of the biggest obstacles an organization can face when designing a new security command center is forgoing a timetable or setting unrealistic goals. As a security control and command center, your ultimate responsibility is to ensure your team can act quickly, respond in a timely manner to emergencies, and communicate effectively. Before you make any major decisions or commitments, consider developing a plan, assess your needs based on previous experience, seek opinions from colleagues in the industry, and speak to your team to understand their needs. 

Prioritize Technology

An ever-evolving list of technologies powers today’s security command centers. As security resources continue to advance, your center must have the ability to adapt and grow to meet future demands. Consider the type of monitoring and event management software your team will be using, as well as the infrastructure that will be required on-site or in the cloud. As video monitoring continues to grow, how will your team stream and store footage? Disaster recovery and business continuity are other areas that require proper planning to ensure your team can operate without interruption during a crisis.

Think About Ergonomics When Building Security Operation Centers

Ergonomics is all about maximizing efficiency and productivity for people. Think about the layout of your security command center and how your organization’s workstations will be designed. Before making purchases, consider where monitors will be placed and how they will be utilized daily so your team can work at their best. Even something as small as chair design and desk height can make a big difference in ensuring optimal performance.

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Consider Intelligent Lighting

As you work through the ergonomics of your center, also think about how lighting will make an impact. With so many monitors and other technology required to build an effective security command center, lighting design is essential. Intelligent lighting that can be managed based on usage, daylight, and other factors you control will not only give you a comfortable workspace. But may also reduce utility expenses using LED and other efficient light sources.

Speak to an Expert Before Building Security Operation Centers

Investing in a new security operations center can be overwhelming. Still, it’s important to remember there are resources available to answer questions and give you insight into how other centers are operating effectively. “There are many factors that go into the technology and digital infrastructure our clients require to build the best command center to meet their needs,” says DICE Corporation President and CEO Cliff Dice. “Our knowledgeable team will work with you at every stage to ensure your questions are answered, and your goals are met.”

Designing and building an effective security command center is a process that requires careful consideration. By setting goals, prioritizing technology, and keeping your team’s needs in mind, you will have a sound foundation to get started. Our team at the New DICE Corporation is also available to answer your questions and help you find the right software and digital infrastructure solutions to meet your requirements. Contact us today to schedule a virtual demo.

Author: Avi Lupo, Co-President DICE Corporation

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