DICE Corporation Issued Patent for Authenticated and Functional SMS Links
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News & Events | 11/18/2019

DICE Corporation Issued Patent for Authenticated and Functional SMS Links

DICE CRM Gateway

DICE Corporation announced today the issuance of a patent by the US Patent Office that covers authenticated and functional SMS links as part of the company’s award-winning CRM Communications Gateway. The patent for invention number 10,447,686 is for a computer system that creates pre-authenticated, functional URLs within SMS messages.

"This patent is an important step as we continue to grow our SMS CRM technology," said Cliff Dice, President and CEO of DICE Corporation. "Our CRM Communications Gateway is an alarm, service, and billing automation tool that helps make central stations more efficient by sending quick links directly to the end user. With this link, users can handle alarms, view video surveillance as it happens, manage service visits, and pay their bills from an easy to access web app," he said.

The technology covered by this patent includes receiving a login ID and passcode by the alarm management system user; receiving a specific function to be utilized by the alarm management system user; generating a URL that embeds the login ID, passcode, and specific function to create a pre-authenticated, functional URL; combining a text message string with the pre-authenticated, functional URL to create an SMS message; and transmitting the SMS message.

Demand for automated, user-focused technology and services continues to grow as consumers seek the ease and convenience of maintaining their home alarm systems. This platform gives dealers new tools to compete with do-it-yourself home monitoring solutions while also reducing central station costs by improving operator efficiency and end-user engagement. Dealers can also tailor the CRM Communications Gateway platform to match their brands with logos, custom background and alarm information colors, and editable icon text for a personalized and familiar user experience.

The SMS CRM Communications Gateway is one of the fastest growing products in DICE Corporation’s portfolio of over 70 unique services and solutions for the security industry. "By streamlining alarm processes, reducing operator workload, and giving end users more control over their home system, this technology offers new opportunities for efficiency and cost savings," Dice said.

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