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False Alarms Driving You Crazy – DICE And Calipsa To The Rescue

Company News | July 25, 2022

False Alarms Driving You Crazy – DICE And Calipsa To The Rescue – The NEW DICE Corporation and Calipsa have partnered to use advanced analytics to reduce false alarm rates and leverage event-based video triggers to provide more effective and efficient security monitoring services.   

MATRIX INTERACTIVE’s open platform allows central stations, command centers, and dispatch operations to:

  • Use Calipsa’s Analytics-Driven Approach to Detect a False Alarm
  • Prioritize Alarm Notification and Workflow Procedures
  • Improved Resource Optimization
  • Reduce Cost Through Improved Efficiencies
  • Provide Virtual Video Tours, Concierge Services, and Security Services
  • Real-time Intervention Using Voice Down and Remote Device Activation
  • Interface With Any Automation Software
  • View Real-time Camera Status, Location, and Type
  • Multi-view of Live and Recorded Events
  • Mobile Arming and Disarming of Video and Alarm Zone
  • Unlock New Services and Revenue Streams

A Look At The Numbers

A recent study by SecurEnvoy found that 86% of false alarms result from human error, which can be costly for central station monitoring companies.

Addressing An Industry Problem

With a 95% false alarm reduction rate, Calipsa’s surveillance camera analytics software employs deep learning technologies to filter out false alarms brought on by anything from a change in lighting to a spider’s web across a lens.

False alarms are a significant problem for the video and alarm monitoring industry, especially at properties with many sensors. Various factors, including system malfunctions, can cause false alarms, but most result from human error.

What is the cost associated with false alarms? It depends on the type of notification, required response, and resource redirection to deal with the alarm. For example, when an alarm goes off, the central station monitoring must stop what they’re doing, investigate it, and notify onsite personnel or law enforcement – even if it turns out to be nothing.

MATRIX INTERACTIVE’s open platform provides video monitoring, alarm monitoring, and event management solutions allowing video-based alarm verification that enables central stations to verify alarm notifications without having to dispatch individuals to investigate an alarm.

Once the alarm is verified, the central station monitor can notify the customer and dispatch security personnel, police, or the fire department more efficiently due to Calipsa’s advanced false alarm mitigation analytics.

For more information on MATRIX INTERACTIVE and our integration with Calipsa, visit www.dicecorp.com or call 989-891-2800.

Learn more about our sister company IPtelX.

Author: Avi Lupo, Co-President DICE Corporation

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