During A Crisis

During A Crisis Stay Connected To Your Clients – Tips

Company News | May 19, 2021

During A Crisis Stay Connected To Your Clients With These Tips – From the coronavirus pandemic to record-breaking natural disasters, the last 18 months have been one of the most challenging periods for call centers and support teams in fields as diverse as emergency response, utilities, and retail. As businesses adjust to changing COVID-19 recommendations, severe weather season arriving earlier, and even the everyday unforeseen challenges, it’s essential to stay connected and maintain positive relationships. Here are five simple but essential tips to keep in mind as you connect with clients during uncertain times.

During A Crisis Stay Connected To Your Clients With These Tips

Be Clear

Whether it’s supply chain and logistics issues or having to do more with fewer employees, let’s face it, we’re all facing similar challenges these days. But it doesn’t help to pretend your organization is above having problems. Always remember to be transparent about difficult circumstances without making excuses. When decisions are explained clearly, clients will likely understand. Plus, your openness goes a long way in building trust and loyalty.  

During A Crisis Be Accessible

No matter your industry, making your clients’ lives easier should always be your number one goal particularly, during a crisis. Being accessible and getting your message out through as many avenues as possible during moments of uncertainty or confusion is one of the best strategies you can employ. “Our SMS mass notification system allows businesses to send text messages to one or many people,” says DICE Corporation Co-President Avi Lupo. “This both saves time when managing multiple messages and helps teams deliver fast communication when they may not be able to talk on the phone.”

Other resources are also available, including social media. Try communicating using your most followed channels. Or, if the crisis you’re facing has more people paying attention to the news, try sending a media release or arranging an interview.

Be Courteous 

During times of crisis, your clients are probably dealing with a broad spectrum of challenges. Always be courteous and recognize the stress, concerns, and uncertainty those you’re interacting with could be experiencing. If your clients face operational challenges or financial uncertainty, it probably isn’t the best time to make a sale or expect them to make new commitments. Remember to be sympathetic to your clients’ needs and acknowledge the difficulties they are experiencing.          

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During A Crisis Be Generous 

Even if it’s inconvenient or you’re dealing with limited resources yourself, make generosity a priority and do what you can to be positive. From being accommodating with your time and resources to making a charitable donation or lowering prices, doing something to benefit your clients and their communities will go far in building positive rapport.   

Be Realistic 

Responding to challenges as a business is never easy, but it’s important to be realistic with the challenges at hand when communicating with your clients. People value authenticity, so you must find the right balance of being positive and forthright during every interaction.

In times of crisis, delivering exceptional customer service and staying connected to your clients is a must. But when you prioritize honesty and authenticity, you’ll not only keep everyone happy, but you’re also building loyal, long-term relationships. The New DICE Corporation has various solutions that can help your business stay connected under challenging circumstances. Contact us to learn more and schedule a virtual demo.

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