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Alarm Monitoring Services And The Digital Transformation

Company News | March 9, 2022

Alarm Monitoring Services And The Digital Transformation – Over the last few years, the digital revolution has dramatically impacted traditional alarm monitoring services through the ability to provide services such as interactive video monitoring, the deployment of video analytics, virtual guarding, and much more. Old closed, proprietary, and analog security systems have given way to IP-based technology, enabling security cameras and other security devices to become more intelligent.

As a result of innovation in the security monitoring industry, a complete paradigm shift has occurred, ushering in the era of digital transformation.

Let’s deep dive into the topic and its impact on the security monitoring industry.

Traditional vs. Digital Monitoring Services

Traditional security monitoring solutions required a lot of wires and cables, which was costly and time-consuming. Additionally, old analog security monitoring solutions are prone to signal loss, slow connection speeds, and video streaming latencies.

The transformation from analog to digital technologies allows central station monitoring companies to adopt interactive video monitoring using Video Analytics and Artificial intelligence. The digital transformation era provides a much higher level of command and control by converting surveillance video into intelligent data to improve decision-making.

Transformation of Digital Alarm Monitoring Services

The alarm monitoring services industry is undergoing a significant transformation due to digitalization. This transformation has led to an entirely new ecosystem that includes interactive video monitoring, virtual guarding services, and home automation.

The rapid advancement of technology in the interactive video monitoring sector has aided in the growing acknowledgment of video solutions’ broader business usefulness.

Today’s cloud-powered video monitoring technologies provide enhanced situational awareness in various use scenarios by generating real-time metrics and data to mitigate human error and response.

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Role of Artificial Intelligence

AI is one of the most powerful tools in digital transformation. It is used in every industry to automate processes, get insights and provide solutions. The alarm monitoring industry is no exception.

AI has been used to automate alarm response and help reduce false alarms by analyzing data from cameras, sensors, and other devices to identify patterns in alarm behavior. AI has also helped make it easier for central monitoring station clients to manage their systems remotely through a mobile app. The app allows the end-user to monitor system status, receive video alarm notifications, and manage their security systems.

The NEW DICE Corporation is Leading the Digital Transformation

The NEW DICE Corporation developed MATRIX INTERACTIVE, our flagship Video, Alarm, and Event Management Software Solution for the digital transformation of the security monitoring industry. To learn more about our open platform cloud solutions or AI-powered MATRIX INTERACTIVE video monitoring solutions, contact us today to schedule a virtual demo.

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Author: Avi Lupo, Co-President DICE Corporation

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