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AI Is Everywhere: 5 Reasons You Should Embrace Artificial Intelligence

Company News | March 24, 2021
AI Is Everywhere: 5 Reasons You Should Embrace Artificial Intelligence – From its inception in the mid-20th century, artificial intelligence (AI) is a concept that has generated both intrigue and pushback from scientists and average citizens alike. While some are encouraged by AI’s almost limitless possibilities, others have shown concern for how it could affect the world as we know it. Issues like robots replacing workers and hyperintelligent systems turning against humanity are all valid concerns and warrant careful consideration. But no matter your take on the polarizing subject, AI is here to stay, and it would be shortsighted to disregard the numerous ways it can be used to improve our daily lives. So from keeping your personal information safe to enhancing the way you drive, here are five reasons today’s AI technology should be embraced.

AI Creates New Jobs

Much has been said about the potential for widespread job loss due to AI – particularly in the manufacturing sector. But experts say AI will lead to more jobs, replicating the last significant change in the United States, as most of the workforce transitioned from employment in agriculture to manufacturing. A recent article from Wired explains how new job opportunities are already popping up in rural and urban locations across the country. As AI and advanced automation become cheaper and more capable, it’s becoming more feasible to build things in the U.S., where labor costs are high. AI allows smaller companies to lower production costs and become more competitive, leading to business growth and additional higher-paying jobs.

AI Keeps Us Safe Online

One of the most significant achievements of today’s AI technology is its ability to keep us safe online and in the real world. Today, cybercrime is one of the biggest threats not just in the business sector but also for individuals. Fortunately, AI is changing our entire approach to cybersecurity for the better, using powerful machine learning to analyze, study, and understand the ways cybercriminals are targeting their victims and using this data to combat crimes. Technology such as facial recognition and biometrics are also becoming widely available in smartphones and other consumer devices we use daily, giving us greater protection and tools to keep data secure.

And Also In the Real World

Whether you’re in a mall, an airport, or even walking down the street, chances are your every move is being tracked and analyzed using artificial intelligence. “AI and machine learning systems are becoming better at recognizing patterns than humans,” says DICE Corporation Co-President Avi Lupo. “The systems available today can identify everything from items of clothing to weapons to human interactions such as fighting,” Lupo explained. Although it’s not 100 percent foolproof, the systems continuously bank data to become more accurate and provide higher levels of efficiency unmatched by the human standard.

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The new “working from home economy,” which is likely to endure long past the COVID-19 pandemic, has posed many new challenges for employers and their teams. From maintaining productivity to staying connected to colleagues from miles apart, workforces worldwide have had to adapt to an unprecedented series of changes. But one of the bright spots for remote workers has been the prevalence of powerful mobile devices.

AI Enhances Healthcare

One of the most significant ways AI has enhanced our lives is through healthcare. Although nothing can compete with the care you receive from an experienced human doctor, AI-assisted healthcare technology continues to grow in competency to effectively detect cancer, monitor progress, and much more. AI also gives the average user more control of their day-to-day health through wearable sensors connected to smartphone apps. By actively monitoring your health and understanding your body, this technology can prompt you to call 911 before you even know you have a medical emergency like a heart attack or stroke.

AI Improves Auto Safety

Automobile deaths continue to be one of the leading causes of death in the United States – and most are the result of human error. But as vehicles continue to rely more on autonomous technology and the human elements of driving are removed, it is predicted that many common accidents could be prevented. AI is also being embraced by transportation departments to better understand and improve traffic conditions on the nation’s busiest roads. From studying patterns at intersections to learning how traffic can be rerouted to prevent gridlock, AI is already making a massive impact on the safety and consistency of our daily commutes.

AI has a significant influence on every aspect of our lives, but we still have a long way to go before reaching its full potential. If you’re interested in learning more about how the New DICE Corporation uses AI technology to power our monitoring and video solutions, contact us to schedule a virtual demo.

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