VEESiON Shoplifting Video Analytic

MATRIX INTERACTIVE and VEESiON partner to provide retail loss prevention and security with a behavioral video analytic designed to mitigate shoplifting

Veesion Shoplifting Video Analytic

Veesion shoplifting video analytic

VEESiON developed a gesture recognition technology based on artificial intelligence. The algorithm continuously analyses the video streams of the existing cameras and detects gestures associated with shoplifting. Upon detection, a video alert is sent to the retailer/security agent on any device. The service is deployed in 1500+ stores across more than 18 countries.  


VEESiON Algorithm Relies On 3 Main AI Bricks:

  • Human Detection
  • Body Parts Localization On Each Detected Human
  • Object Recognition

VEESiON Can Detect Obvious Concealments:

  • In Jacket/Pants
  • Putting An Item In A Backpack Or Purse
  • Consuming A Product
  • Removing The Blister/RFID Tag From The Product

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