We’re in the news! Transitioning the alarm industry to remote working
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Company News | April 2020

Transitioning the security industry to remote working

We’re in the news!

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Working Remotely The Security Industry's New Crisis Management Standard

Security Systems News
DICE Helps Monitoring Stations Stay Operational During Pandemic

Security Systems News featured us in an article on keeping central stations operational during a pandemic. Our president and CEO Cliff Dice and executive vice president Avi Lupo discussed the industry’s response to COVID-19, what central stations are looking for to maintain business continuity, and what the DICE team is doing to ensure underrepresented small to medium-size monitoring centers are getting the tools they need to work safely and efficiently.

Read the complete article and learn how a virtual switch in the cloud allows us to route operator’s phone numbers to personal smartphones and softphones in their homes here.

SDM Magazine
Monitoring in the Time of COVID-19

Discussing our disaster preparedness technology with journalist Courtney Wolfe, Cliff Dice said “Because our system works with the cloud, we can open it so users can work from home. Normally we have restrictions so if you work at the central station and you go home and try to log in over the web, it doesn’t allow you to because you don’t have the central station’s IP. But in this case, we’re taking restrictions off. They’ll need an ID to log in, but we’ve opened the gates to let people in.”

Read more about our solutions for remote working and how central stations are adapting in the full article here.

SP&T News
Options for Monitoring Stations Faced with Work-From-Home Scenarios

In an interview with journalist Alanna Fairey, Cliff Dice and Avi Lupo discussed the many challenges the industry is facing, including liability and response to disaster situations ranging from terrorist attacks to natural disasters. They also addressed how our all-in-one platform and cloud services are setting users up for success with remote working and why Canadian DICE users are making the switch.

Read the full article and learn about some of the guidelines for working in a virtual environment from home here.

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