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Web Article| 08/24/2017

Simplify Your Fire Inspection Inspection Process with Matrix Fire Inspection

Thorough and accurate fire inspections are one of the most important services provided by technicians in the alarm industry. Not only are they in place to verify that the proper codes and permits are up-to- date and fulfill state and local requirements, but they also identify threats to life safety, protecting lives and property.

In order to better meet the demands of fire inspection technicians, DICE Corporation recently released the latest version of our popular Matrix Fire Inspection software. With over ten years of experience in the fire inspection business, DICE has received valuable user insight into the inspection process. This has allowed us to conduct extensive research and create an optimal fire inspection system that incorporates redesigned screens and the latest advancements and industry standards for a more efficient and user-friendly experience.

The Matrix Fire Inspection system is now completely mobile with our browser-based system that is accessible on any PC or mobile device. The system provides technicians with a complete step-by- step walkthrough of the inspection process, eliminating unnecessary equipment testing so the job can be completed quickly and accurately.

If a piece of equipment cannot be tested, a report is sent to the client at the end of the inspection with a notice about the status of the equipment. Because Fire Inspection is part of the Matrix system, technicians can easily create or access tickets through Service Management in the event of a faulty piece of equipment or any problems that occur during the inspection process. With this system, technicians can add notes and photos to make the repair process more efficient.

Technicians can also add multiple devices to any zone through customized device entry. At any time, technicians can modify existing devices, add new devices, or customize alarms to certain specifications. A new feature available with this version of Fire Inspection is asset tagging. By scanning equipment barcodes with a smart device, technicians can easily track equipment that has been inspected in each zone, expediting the inspection process and reducing the risk for human error.

As with the previous system, all applicable forms are available, including National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Form 72 and pass/fail reports. The information you enter in Fire Inspection will automatically populate in the forms, eliminating extra paperwork and human error.

For more information on the new Matrix Fire Inspection system, contact your DICE account manager.

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