Security Industry Weighs in On DICE Corporation’s COVID-19 Response
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Company News | 4/9/2020

Security Industry Weighs in On DICE Corporation’s COVID-19 Response

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“DICE’s PBX proved to be the way to go right up front.”

The abrupt shift to remote working has caught many in the alarm and security industry off guard with thousands of central station operators transitioning to remote working and monitoring center owners reevaluating their business continuity plans. Throughout this unprecedented upheaval of on-premises business operations, DICE Corporation has been a leader in supplying the industry with PBX and alarm monitoring tools to limit disruption and keep central stations and their customers connected when it matters most.

With over 50 companies and their workforces transitioned successfully and many more to come, our services have been highlighted industry-wide by publications and users making the switch. Here’s what a few of them have to say…

“DICE Corporation is helping monitoring stations stay fully operational during the coronavirus pandemic, providing the technology and support to allow these alarm companies to seamlessly move their workforces to home, while keeping people and critical assets and infrastructure protected without interruption.” –Security Systems News

“Thankfully, DICE has a disaster preparedness mode built into its system for scenarios — typically natural disasters — that force call center employees to work from home.” –SDM Magazine

“Digioacchino said he envisions this pandemic will forever change the way his central station operates. Just 2-3 days into working from home, he said his employees are finding they are 25-30 percent more productive than they were in the office.” – DICE user Jason Digioacchino, president of The Monitoring Center in SDM Magazine

“With a number of Canadian clients, DICE had been helping central stations get alarm signals into their network, as more and more people were already moving their information to the Cloud, but did not have the PBX automation platform set up in their centres.” – SP&T News

“It was a very smooth, straightforward transformation. After we finished testing, it was completed overnight. We cut everything over and had everyone log in to the new phone system. By the end of the first day, we didn’t have any questions from the operators. It was seamless to us.” – DICE user Al Oliver, Ackerman Security

“Working with the folks at DICE and IPtelX to achieve a goal like this demonstrates the comprehensive internal design and training they’ve done. Any little hiccups that come along are easily resolved and they speed up getting a production environment online very quickly.” – DICE user Charlie Eastman, Tristar Monitoring

The DICE Corporation team is working around the clock to keep your employees safe and connected with remote working technology. Learn how we can help you! Contact us today for a commitment-free consultation with a representative.

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