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Product News | 06/14/2017

New Cloud Hosting Services Available to Alarm Dealers

DICE Corporation has started a new service that is available to alarm dealers, allowing them to cloud host and use other services at our cloud alarm center. We are currently in the preliminary stages of this program and are seeking dealers to be part of the initial phase. By selling directly to dealers, we are able to bring them into our cloud hosting center, providing them with hosting services for alarm signals, as well as other DICE options like Service and Sales Management software. This puts the dealer in control of the alarm signals, as DICE is the only company offering a North American telecom network along with IP alarm receiving equipment.

We are now in a unique position to provide the dealer with web-based virtual receivers that give them more direct control. It also supplies all manufacturers with alarm receivers while allowing dealers to point the signals to any third-party central station. Reports are provided directly to dealers for subscriber sites that have communication issues, and dealers are also notified when telecom services have been transferred to a cable provider, cutting the attrition rate now being seen by dealers. By offering these services, we are in a position to also push new non-DICE clients to our third-party central station clients.

This is something much different from anything we’ve ever done and continues our tradition of being a leading research and development company in the alarm and central station industries. Look for more information and additional marketing this year as we begin to expand this new endeavor.

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