Monitoring in the Time of COVID-19: DICE Featured in SDM Magazine
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Company News | 3/24/2020

Monitoring in the Time of COVID-19: DICE Featured in SDM Magazine

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Keep your employees and customers safe from coronavirus (COVID-19)

As businesses worldwide are transitioning to remote working due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, DICE Corporation is assisting central stations, the security industry, and other businesses around the clock to ensure operators and telecommuters are working from the safest-possible environments, while allowing all operations to be maintained as normal.

Alarm and security publications have played a major role in keeping the industry informed during these unprecedented challenges, and SDM Magazine featured DICE’s efforts in an article on Monitoring in the Time of COVID-19.

Discussing the company’s disaster preparedness technology with journalist Courtney Wolfe, DICE Corporation president and CEO Cliff Dice said “Because our system works with the cloud, we can open it so users can work from home. Normally we have restrictions so if you work at the central station and you go home and try to log in over the web, it doesn’t allow you to because you don’t have the central station’s IP. But in this case, we’re taking restrictions off. They’ll need an ID to log in, but we’ve opened the gates to let people in.”

Dice also noted that the company typically receives only one or two requests a month to turn off restrictions in disaster response and that the COVID-19 response has been unprecedented for the industry. “This is significant for everybody,” he told Wolfe. “Shutting down the building and telling everyone to go home and managing everyone from home – no one has ever done that too much. This is a pretty unique development that puts central stations that have gone cloud-hosted at a big advantage over centers that aren’t.”

DICE Corporation executive vice president Avi Lupo urged central stations to move employees to home offices ASAP. “We need to take some sort of action to continue the business going and not have all of the operators sitting in one room – that’s a necessity for us right now,” Lupo told Wolfe. “So now we’re looking to the future, because [the end of COVID-19] will not happen right away. It will probably be in the next one to two years, and life will be so different afterwards. There needs to be some kind of action by each and every central station.”

Read more about DICE Corporation’s solutions for remote working and how central stations are adapting in the full article here.

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