Matrix Universal Video Offers Industry-Exclusive Features
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Product News | 10/16/2017

Matrix Universal Video Offers Industry-Exclusive Features

For over 30 years, DICE Corporation has been providing our clients with services that offer the most value and advanced technology available. We are pleased to continue this tradition with our recently launched all-new video monitoring platform that promises to transform the way the alarm and security industry manages alarm events. Matrix Universal Video is a complete event management system that simultaneously delivers alarms and their corresponding videos to central station operators with one streamlined system.

“DICE has always been known for our multifaceted and reliable alarm monitoring software,” said DICE Corporation president and CEO Cliff Dice. “By adding video monitoring with recording capabilities, we’re able to offer our clients a seamless video monitoring solution that out-performs anything that’s currently on the market.”

Matrix Universal Video is designed to simplify the entire monitoring process. The browser-based system allows operators to access alarms, customer relationship management tools, and live video feeds on two side-by- side screens. Unlike other systems currently available, Matrix Universal Video is able to interface natively with any DVR and IP camera, allowing these systems to be routed directly to its automation platform. With DICE’s proprietary video gateway, any video that comes out of the network is able to avoid firewalls, providing capability to connect to video streams from DVRs and cameras.

Almost any event, whether it’s a traditional burglar alarm or an alarm from analytics, feeds into the Matrix Universal Video automation platform. Audio capabilities with two-way voice are also available with any video monitoring platform.

Other key Matrix Universal Video system features include the ability to connect to multiple sites, conduct automated tours, capture screenshots with timestamps, and resize and arrange cameras.

Because video monitoring is the future of event management, DICE Corporation has invested in an engineering team dedicated to the development of video monitoring technology. “One of the things that convinced me to invest in a video monitoring department was the growth we’ve experienced since the introduction of our video monitoring platform. As businesses continue to invest in video monitoring, DICE Corporation is now positioned to be at the forefront of this technology,” Dice said.

As the company continues to develop advanced alarm monitoring solutions we are working with key partners, including some of the largest video monitoring companies in the country, to add more features and functionality to our cloud-based video recording solutions and cloud-based monitoring platform.

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