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Product News | 12/19/2016

Matrix Sales Dashboard Releases to Clients

One of the greatest demands from business owners and sales managers is the ability to track and develop leads while monitoring employee progress and statistics. As a leading provider of large-scale enterprise software services for the security and technology industries, DICE Corporation has developed an innovative prospect management system to cater to this industry demand.

Matrix Sales, one of our latest advancements, provides a simple platform for users at all levels to achieve optimal sales performance and data organization. Matrix Sales is designed to work on any web-enabled computer or mobile device, allowing salespeople to work remotely in the field, building leads, creating contacts, and even collecting signatures. Plus, the built-in prospect management system allows salespeople and managers to easily track prospects and statistics.

The first generation Sales Dashboard management system has recently been rolled out to clients and is quickly becoming a favorite feature. The dashboard automatically sends business owners and managers a link at specified daily, weekly, and monthly intervals, allowing users to access the system and view a dashboard screen with data relevant to the Sales system. This data is divided into five specific areas: Sales Funnel, Booked Sales, Prospects Closed, Prospects Lost, and Closing Sales. These categories provide an individual breakdown of analytics alongside graphical representations for each criterion. Below, you will find a brief overview of each area.

  • Sales Funnel: Displays prospect status numbers at an individual point in the sales process. This includes the total number of prospects, the number of prospects with appointments booked, and the number of prospects that have had quotes submitted. The number of sales quoted in dollar values per month for the previous year is also displayed.
  • Booked Sales: Displays the number of sales versus the budget number for both month and year-to-date. This is displayed in grid and line graph forms.
  • Prospects Closed: Displays the number of prospects closed for the last 12 days and the number of sales lost for the same period. Closed versus lost data is also displayed for the previous 12 months. Projects Closed is displayed in grid and graph forms.
  • Projects Lost: Displays the reason for why a prospect was not sold for both month-to-date and year-to-date. This is displayed in grid and pie chart form.
  • Closing Sales: Displays where the project originated from year-to-date and where prospects that had an appointment booked for year-to-date. This is displayed in grid and pie chart form.

The Matrix Sales system has been rolled out to a number of SDM Top 50 companies who are currently using the product, and we’ve received excellent feedback. For more information on how the Matrix Sales system and dashboard can simplify your sales process, visit the Module Page or Contact/Request a Quote

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