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Product News | 03/31/2017

Manage with Matrix Monitoring Version 16

There’s a reason central station operators continue to make DICE Corporation’s award-winning Matrix Monitoring system their top choice in alarm automation software: It’s not just an alarm monitoring tool, but a complete event management system. With Monitoring, users access a sleek, easy-to-use user interface that displays the information you need to see, like data entry, service and history on one convenient screen. Matrix Monitoring is built to meet your needs because we know no two monitoring centers are the same.

The Matrix Monitoring system is loaded with many features to enhance user experience. One popular aspect of Monitoring that sets us apart from our competitors is the freedom to use the system anywhere with a smart device or PC and our browser-based software. Whether you’re in the office or working remotely, the quality and reliability of Matrix Monitoring will not be compromised. Many companies have also started deploying Monitoring on iPads and laptops in vehicles because of the software’s mobile capabilities. By allowing users to monitor an entire facility while on the go, users are able to broaden services and save time and resources with minimal investment.

GPS mapping is another useful tool for Matrix Monitoring users. Access detailed subscriber location information from PERS and GPS-enabled devices instantaneously without needing to enter the information on a separate website. Information you need to know like locator pins and the operator handling the alarm is displayed in a user-friendly format.

Video monitoring is also available, allowing you to simplify your video monitoring process by integrating multiple cameras from different locations with your system. Users can view live cameras and DVR recordings from the same screen and record operator screens through our PBX to insure accurate and professional service.

In the past year, DICE has added some unique enhancements to our Monitoring software that equip our customers with even more ways to improve their work experience. With Monitoring V16, integrated events are triggered by a number of factors, including alarms by priority, calls by DNIS, SMS messages, IP cameras, and DVRs. Enhancements to speed have also been made to Monitoring that surpass the original CORE version with full duplex communication from server to client.

The traffic and alarm handling screen layout of the new Matrix Monitoring is now completely customizable with multiple columns, varying widths, unique hotkeys, and the removal of unused sections. An additional customer relationship management (CRM) add-on is also available, allowing users to reference grids on a second monitor.

As Matrix Monitoring continues to grow with each generation, our customers are deploying the software for a variety of new purposes, including homeowners associations, guard companies, and universities, permitting security specialists to monitor their own facilities. The possibilities are endless. In fact, our Matrix Monitoring software has been deployed to clients more frequently in the past two years than in the product’s history, as more businesses are learning our web-based software is the most advanced and reliable in the alarm industry and beyond.

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