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Product News | 08/24/2017

Manage Customers in Real Time with Matrix Sales Mapping

With the release of the Matrix Sales Management system in 2015, DICE Corporation changed the way users in the alarm industry, service professions, and more manage clients and prospects, improve productivity, and create contracts. After over a year of field-testing and customer feedback, DICE recently launched the next version of Matrix Sales, which features an all-new mapping function designed to further enhance the sales experience.

Matrix Sales Mapping is a user-friendly interactive mapping feature built into the Matrix Sales platform. Users are now able to record and track current and past customers with the ability to view important customer data and notes from the map’s pinpoints. Valuable information from Zillow, an online real estate database, is also included with sales mapping, allowing users to view recent home sales, homeowner profiles, and other real estate data in a particular neighborhood.

"Adding new features, like our sales mapping, allows us to continue providing the most value for our customers, said Cliff Dice, President and CEO of DICE Corporation. “Our customers, who are currently using this system, have found that it is very advantageous for their sales teams, telling me they have seen a noticeable increase in revenue since implementation,” Dice said.

The Matrix Sales system is a mobile sales management tool that is accessible on any tablet or laptop and allows users in the field to create and maintain profiles for clients and prospects. One of the main functions of Matrix Sales, which users find most convenient, is the ability to generate proposals on the go and in person, using previously collected information. This allows sales people to eliminate trips between the office and the client, as well as hassle of paperwork. Users can create single or multiple quotes in real time on the premises and send them to the customer via email.

Matrix Sales is also capable of capturing digital signatures, allowing contracts to be stored electronically. Once a proposal is signed, a contract can be generated based on intake information previously sourced from the sales professional or call center. And because the entire sales processes is completed online with mobile devices, users are able to interact with other team members, like management, who are able to make approvals or view progress.

In addition to the new mapping features, and proposal and contract generation, Matrix Sales also provides a comprehensive interactive sales dashboard that allows sales professionals and managers to view data and graphs. Most sales managers have weekly, monthly, and yearly sales goals, but without accurately knowing his or her company’s sales statistics, the sales manager cannot create realistic or effective sales objectives. The sales dashboard allows users to see the latest numbers, successes and weaknesses, and identify employees who could benefit from additional training or assistance.

Some of the data most commonly used by DICE customers includes a sales funnel, which features the number of prospects, prospects with appointments, and the number of sales quoted per year and month. Booked sales shows the number of sale versus the budget number for both month and year-to-date in a grid or line graph. And prospects lost and closed, which displays the number of prospects closed or lost in a specific period and corresponding data.

A number of SDM Top 50 companies are currently using the Matrix Sales management system, and the sales mapping function is currently being rolled out. As business owners and sales teams continue looking for more personalized and sophisticated resources for generating and managing sales, Matrix Sales Management is proving to be a valuable resource.

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