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Company News | 2/25/2016

DICE Expands Use of Its Cloud Receivers For Other Automation Systems

DICE Corporation opened its cloud center for alarm use by alarm companies in 2015, giving users the opportunity to avoid purchasing servers and software and removing the need for telco lines and all associated costs. This also allowed alarm companies to use DICE’s large investment in receiver technologies. The cloud center houses professionally maintained and managed receivers from every manufacturer in the industry, along with each type of transition, ranging from telecom, cell and IP signals.

The DICE cloud center is designed to be a complete solution for an alarm company, including all telecom lines, receivers, automation software, servers and many other items that would normally fall under the responsibility of the alarm company. Many know DICE as an automation software company but that is only a fraction of the company’s business reach.

DICE is one of the leading enterprise-level automation software systems, but the company’s strength lies in its ability to provide infrastructure and manage that aspect of an alarm central station. For years, businesses have come to DICE to obtain not only a variety of software solutions, but to gain access to its skilled group of engineers that help manage all aspects of an alarm center; therefore, leaving the management of people to the alarm company.

Because DICE provides infrastructure to companies, the receivers are within its basket of skills. For many years, DICE has also offered 24×7 support for most of the receivers in the industry since the manufacturers don’t offer this type of support. No matter what type of automation software a company has, it can now be simply and professionally managed with the DICE cloud center.

Some alarm companies with automation systems other than DICE have elected to use DICE as an overflow, giving them extra receiver channels during storms, providing national accounts with extra capacities or providing disaster recovery services in case of a telecom outage in their centers. This works by alarm companies moving their telecom DIDs to the DICE cloud center or making arrangements with their telecom to overflow to the DICE center when there is a failure or full lines of receiver capacity.

The DICE cloud center looks like a receiver that everyone understands and has drivers for. DICE is simply providing the same industry alarm receiver connectivity, only rather than it being done in the local alarm center, it is done via connection to the cloud center. The connection to the alarm center is on a VPN over the Internet, so the signals are sent via IP to the automation systems, giving the alarm company the choice to have its receivers in the cloud.

Another benefit provided by DICE is intelligent routing, since multiple alarm centers for a given company can be connected via IP. DICE can route signals to both centers, providing a true hot redundant path from telecom receivers to the alarm centers. This is currently very difficult for many companies to do and when you include a cloud center with receivers it becomes easier. DICE also has two centers that make the receiver farms host redundant and in UL compliance with the highest standards in the industry for burglar and fire alarms.

DICE has seen significant expansion in its cloud center for not only hosting alarm software, but more importantly, there has been a large growth and need for hosted receivers going to any automation system. DICE is currently in the process of an expansion of its receiver group, which by the end of April 2016 will reach 1000 channels of receiver capacity for any automation systems. An alarm company also benefits by having its signals and traffic on the Alarm Industry Telecom Network which helps remove issues with VoIP by moving its receiving capacities to DICE rather than leaving it on their legacy telecom.

In the past, alarm companies have been getting trunks and slices to the receiver farm. In recent months, many have started moving their signal traffic to the DICE cloud center, seeing a significant advantage with fewer communication issues. Hassles with management and owning your own receivers are eliminated with the cloud. Given the rapid changes in the industry, DICE is experiencing increased benefits from this new interconnected world; while, the security industry is benefiting from the work DICE is doing to correct the telecom network and its hosting of various technologies, such as receivers.

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