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Company News | 6/29/2016

DICE Continues to Grow With the Addition of Operations Department

As other companies struggle in an increasingly competitive industry, DICE Corporation continues to grow with the addition of a new Operations team led by industry veteran James Beaty. Beaty, with over 30 years of experience in the alarm industry, will serve as the company’s VP of Operations, reporting directly to President and CEO, Cliff Dice. Beaty comes to DICE from United Central Control (UCC) as Director of New Business, where he helped to achieve growth in many new commercial endeavors. He has also worked as General Manager of Physical Security and Director of Central Station Operations for CVS Pharmacy and AutoZone. Beaty has also been a user of DICE software systems since 1998, bringing a unique client perspective to his role as VP of Operations.

One of the company’s main goals in creating an Operations team is to maintain exceptional customer service for DICE’s clients. For over two decades, DICE has been the leading provider of alarm industry enterprise-level software systems used by some of the largest companies in the industry. With over 70 software systems and services, and the addition of a fast-growing UL cloud center, Beaty is well equipped to oversee the company’s perpetual growth and client relations. “Since our software systems span many areas of our alarm clients’ business needs, our Operations team will be focused on providing services that focus on client deployments of our systems and customer services that allow them to use our products faster and better,” said Dice.

“I see a lot of other providers copying DICE and its systems because they set the standard in the industry for automation systems, but my goal is to not only establish updated best in business standards, but to set the bar so high that others can’t easily follow DICE and its software patterns,” Beaty said.

In addition to Beaty, the company has promoted Jen Balash, a seven-year industry veteran to the Operations team. Balash will serve as Director of Account Management, overseeing client and prospect customer service, as well as managing DICE’s team of account managers. “As the company’s sales have exploded over the years, it has almost become mandatory that this department grows as well. Our main goals are to ensure our clients maintain a positive experience with the software and services DICE is providing them,” Balash said.

With over two decades as an industry leader, DICE Corporation has created many alarm and security technologies that have shaped the industry. Some of DICE’s signature products include the Matrix Mobile Sales and Service management systems and SMS/CRM products, which allow clients to interact with alarm events. DICE’s sister company IPtelX is also growing rapidly as a telecom and infrastructure provider to the alarm industry, integrating into the DICE software systems. “We just boosted this division [IPtelX] by adding four people,” Beaty said. “No one is monitoring for quality the way we are.”

For Beaty, IPtelX has the potential to be a game-changer in the alarm industry. IPtelX is an industry telecom carrier that is powering the DICE cloud hosting center. The premise of the company is simple, IPtelX acts as a typical carrier, only it utilizes the most secure and efficient lines to ensure important alarm data is securely and accurately received at an alarm center. “We route the calls and monitor the quality of the calls so that legacy alarm signals work. No other carrier does that for our industry,” Beaty said.

DICE created IPtelX out of necessity, Beaty explained. “The entire industry is built in legacy alarm dialers that are using eighties and nineties technology that doesn’t work well with the changing telecom networks of today. What [DICE] did is to figure out how to maintain those legacy panels to aid their cloud-based services. Now we are growing that business and many of our new clients don’t even have DICE automation; they have other companies’ products. This has greatly expanded the number of companies we are doing business with today,” Beaty said.

Another innovation key to DICE’s growth, Beaty says, are the company’s cloud hosting services. DICE’s cloud hosting services eliminate the burden of excessive start-up costs and maintenance. “I have started several central stations and the first thing you have to do is buy equipment. Typically your set-up costs would be at least $400,000 – and that would be cheap in some cases. DICE has a way where your start-up costs are a fraction of that,” Beaty said. DICE hosts everything; purchases the equipment, eliminating maintenance and depreciation worries; and is UL listed and redundant, with a backup system in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula on a separate power grid. The user is only responsible for purchasing computers and training staff. “We’ve made it easier to get into the monitoring business. We’ve also made the business cleaner with our managed systems and integrated telecom carrier services. We’ve taken away the problems,” Beaty said.

Both Beaty and Dice understand that one of the major pillars to the success of the company is the DICE team. “They are the engine to providing the deployment of software and support to our systems. They keep each client up and operating 24×7, 365 days a year,” Dice said. Beaty appreciates the quality and commitment of the DICE team. “There are a lot of key people here who are just dedicated. I don’t have to go through here and find the dedicated people because they are all around. All I have to do is give them what they need to succeed.”

As the security industry is facing a period of turbulence, DICE is in a position to grow exponentially. “We are growing very fast with cloud and software systems that no one else has available,” Dice said. “We see ourselves dominating the software landscape of the industry for the next 20 years. We are positioned to maybe triple in size within the next five years.” Beaty has a similar vision with his goal of preparing DICE for growth and making the company as efficient as possible. “This industry is sink or swim. If you tread lightly, your time is limited. Cliff has chosen to lead. There are a lot of places in the security industry that I could have felt comfortable with, but this [DICE] gives me the opportunity to work for a company that wants to lead and be first – to take the chance,” Beaty said.

" goal is to not only establish updated best in business standards, but to set the bar so high that others can’t easily follow DICE and its software patterns,” Beaty said.

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