Defend Your Network from Cyberattacks With 24/7 Protection from DICE Corporation
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News & Events | 01/22/2019

Defend Your Network from Cyberattacks With 24/7 Protection from DICE Corporation

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If you’ve been following the massive spike in data breaches affecting companies like Equifax, Marriott, and Target in the last few years, it should come as no surprise that cybersecurity is now one of the top concerns for companies small and large in the United States. Even today, most networks are not properly equipped to ward off threats from spyware, ransomware, and viruses that can slow computers to a crawl and make work almost impossible when an attack hits unexpectedly.

As cybersecurity remains in the public eye, it is important to proactively address network vulnerabilities, the potential for the theft or destruction of sensitive information, and how the interruption of normal business practices could occur in the event of a cyberattack. DICE Corporation’s security operations center specializes in next-generation cybersecurity solutions to protect network operations for any business or organization. As a UL listed data center, we offer expert endpoint and email protection systems that are updated daily to monitor for the latest threats and have been successful in deploying this technology for many of our clients.

Below are a few essential cybersecurity services we offer that are both affordable and far-reaching:

Endpoint Protection

Each device with an IP address connected to your network is equipped with security software that is monitoring, quarantining, and blocking viruses, malware, and intrusions. This is the first step in the process of identifying, isolating, remediating, and removing network threats.

Email Security

We proactively search for deceptive emails containing threats such as ransomware and phishing. Once located, it is isolated and inspected through advanced security analyzation software, preventing the possibility of targeted campaigns and other unknown attacks.

Security Assessment

One of the greatest threats to network security is aging infrastructure and neglecting to keep software up-to-date. With comprehensive security assessment protection, security risks are analyzed, white and black box penetration testing occurs, and vulnerability assessments are conducted.

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