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Company News | 5/24/2016


One Company

When I think of one company, I think of order.

Everything is controlled and designed by the company and knowledge is available to all employees. When dealing with technology products designed to rely on products from other companies, the initial product becomes more confusing and difficult to use. An individual company understands their product very well, but they don’t necessarily understand or have any control over how their product interacts with others. Unfortunately for those companies, today’s systems are all integrated and encompass data that has to cover the complete scope of software, not just a single portion of the software. Instead, DICE Corporation offers order in the form of a seamless infrastructure solution.

With every company added or partnered with, the more confusing and complex a system can become. The more companies become involved, the less collaboration there is between systems. Segregation and isolation become more evident due to the weak links caused by multiple data structures.

DICE Corporation is a turnkey system. We supply one system, one database structure, one engine. Our employee base is knowledgeable in all aspects of our clients, reducing the disorder that would be involved dealing with employees from multiple companies. As one company, we reduce the complexity of systems. Each system is under our control with the end user in mind.

As one company, we provide complete infrastructure solutions.

One Trusted Solution

DICE is known for stability and reliability. As one company, we are your only trusted solution.

We’re proud to say our customers trust that we have the solutions they are looking for to streamline their business. We provide a simple software structure running on one database system. Features such as data access are considerably less complex with our system versus solutions from multiple providers built on multiple isolated systems. Using products from multiple providers frequently results in weaknesses that hinder scaling with your company’s needs. DICE Corporation offers a single secure, scalable solution.

With DICE as one solution, we are running on one scalable data structure, which means hardware, network, and storage requirements become less complex. Deployments in cloud centers are easy compared to multiple product partnerships that are common in this industry.

Our system is the most reliable, scalable, and easy to use in the industry. Designed to be a completely open database structure with one solution APIs, the system allows creativity and design for our partners who wish to customize.

As one trusted solution, DICE provides an ecosystem that everyone can benefit from going forward.

One Leader

Leadership is about taking a group of people and inspiring them to see a vision and make it a reality. At DICE, we work as a unit to provide the most innovative and straightforward products in the industry. Being a leader, DICE has the resources and ability to succeed at creating products that others cannot. With over 70 software modules and add-ons, DICE offers the most comprehensive tools our customers need for accounting, sales, scheduling, monitoring, and more. With hundreds of customizable options for each module, the software we provide is always one-of-a-kind.

One leader also symbolizes the consolidation of ideas by the great minds in the organization and building the best ideas into a final product. DICE is constantly creating products that shape and transform the industry. We have a passion for envisioning and building our products and seeing them succeed for our customers.

One Company. One Trusted Solution. One Leader.
"As one company, we reduce the complexity of systems. Each system is under our control with the end user in mind."
"..the system allows creativity and design for our partners who wish to customize."
"DICE is constantly creating products that shape and transform the industry."

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