DICE Corporation Introduces Matrix SMS Check-In Mass Notification System
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Product News | 3/20/2018

DICE Corporation Introduces Matrix SMS Check-In Mass Notification System

DICE Corporation, a leader in the research and development of cloud hosting, event management, and security solutions, has recently released Matrix SMS Check-In, a new mass notification system that allows organizations to send text messages to specified groups and maintain important communication in real time.

With the number of mobile phone users in the world expected to surpass the five billion mark by 2019 and the vast majority of Americans (95 percent) owning a cellphone of some kind, we are more connected now than ever before. But the ways in which we are communicating with mobile technology has fragmented, and businesses owners and team leaders are seeking a tool to convey important messages in instances of urgency and needfulness.

By developing Matrix SMS Check-In, DICE Corporation has enabled users to engage proactively using text messaging – which has become one of the most preferred mobile communications methods today and a medium that is projected to grow in use in the years ahead.

The process is simple; the originator can send messages internally or to customers and other outside sources by placing contacts into a group. Once the message has been sent, the recipient can reply to the message and engage in a private conversation with the originator. Correspondence history is saved for up to seven days in the recent responses grid where the conversation can resume at a later time.

Since its introduction, users have found many unique applications for the product. From organizations notifying internal groups traveling abroad of the potential for terrorist threats and safety issues to providing travel and lodging updates or inclement weather notifications, users have found the system to be advantageous in wide range of situations.

Business communications teams have also used the product to communicate with clients regarding usability issues or updates for a particular product, notifications for special holiday hours and closings, and sales and promotional uses.

Although Matrix SMS Check-In is completely independent from DICE’s other products and is its own service, you can choose to integrate this product with a monitoring system from DICE or another provider. When an alarm comes in, a text notification can alert the predetermined recipients for that particular event, allowing them to take immediate action within seconds of receiving the notification.

“The Matrix SMS Check-In mass notification product is changing the way our customers are communicating with their staff and customers,” says DICE Corporation president and CEO Cliff Dice. “We’re very pleased with the feedback we’ve received so far and the way this product is reducing the communications problems that are so common when communicating with large groups of people.”

Matrix SMS Check-In is available now. If you would like more information, contact a DICE representative at 1-800-786-3423 or visit dicecorp.com to request a demo.

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