DICE Corp. Launches New Website Dedicated to CloudEye
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News & Events | 06/26/2019

DICE Corp. Launches New Website Dedicated to CloudEye

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DICE Corporation launched a new dedicated website (cloudeyevideo.com) for the company’s CloudEye cloud video recording technology this week. Featuring information about management access, video recording, alarm verification, and other resources for cloud storage and video recording, the new website will be a go-to information source for CloudEye users and those interested in establishing a new video surveillance platform for their property.

CloudEye is designed to be a video recording alternative for the growing number of businesses that recognize owning and maintaining on-site DVR and NVR infrastructure is prohibitive. From high costs to dealing with limited storage capacity and experiencing reduced equipment lifespans, traditional video surveillance recording options are becoming obsolete in an era reliant on digital technology. DICE’s CloudEye solution completely eliminates the burden of housing and managing your own storage by connecting you to DICE Corporation’s UL listed cloud center.

Set-up is simple and works seamlessly with most IP cameras, allowing users to cut costs by keeping existing cameras in place. The process can be completed by anyone in a matter of minutes without the aid of on-premises technicians. Upon installation using the CloudEye edge device, all registered devices on the network are instantly recognized and users are assisted in viewing and managing their cameras online. This secure one-way connection ensures recorded information remains protected and always accessible.

Integration with monitoring software is seamless and CloudEye users have the ability to view, manage, and react to situations in real time through a straightforward video management interface. This allows for a number of features that are unavailable in other cloud recording solutions, including detailed client notifications that encourage recipients to promptly handle alarms and increase reaction times in urgent scenarios. Another preeminent feature is the option to choose the level of video quality and the amount of storage space needed for the account, putting users in total control of their recording options without requiring the purchase of new storage equipment.

“Video surveillance continues to dominate the security landscape. With growing reliability and cost concerns for DVRs and high-speed internet becoming widely available, we're anticipating a lot of growth for CloudEye in the years ahead, said DICE Corporation President and CEO Cliff Dice. “This dedicated website will let us reach new audiences and better position CloudEye as a complete solution for video monitoring, providing educational resources for a growing segment of the alarm and security industries.”

If you would like more information about CloudEye or to discuss other alarm monitoring opportunities, contact a DICE representative to schedule a product demo. Call 800-786-3423 or reach us any time by filling out our contact form.

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