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Responding to COVID-19 together


As businesses worldwide are transitioning to working remotely due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, DICE Corporation is assisting central stations, the security industry, and other businesses around the clock to ensure operators and telecommuters are working from the safest-possible environments, while allowing all operations to be maintained as normal.

Continue your operations remotely

If you and your team need to work from home, DICE can help. We´ll provide you with the automation, telecom and security technologies that allow your people to work from home while complying with UL requirements when applicable. No need to purchase equipment. Deployment is cost-effective and simple to put in place.

With DICE Corporation’s virtual iPBX services, working remotely has never been easier for central stations and dealers with central stations.

  • Move information to the cloud.
  • Forward phone numbers to an employee’s home phone or cell phone.
  • Transition your phone (including voicemail and extensions) seamlessly to work like your office phone.
  • Connect with an ultra-secure private network connection & multifactor authentication
  • No need to purchase additional equipment
  • Easy to implement and cost-effective

For central stations with Matrix

  • DICE provides a complete solution, including PBX and connectivity to Matrix platform
  • Connectivity is opened, allowing user access through multi-factor authentication
  • Log in remotely with ID
  • Every department (not just operators) can take advantage of working remotely

What if you are not on the Matrix platform? We can still help!

  • The process is similar, but with a few additional steps
  • We provide the infrastructure for you to connect remotely
    • Telecom/cloud infrastructure
    • Connectivity to automation software
    • Connectivity to PBX
    • Routing modifications for legacy platforms

…and for dealers with central stations

  • All departments on the dealer side of the business can take advantage of accounting, service, CRM, and much more

View our recent webinar entitled "COVID-19 and Business Continuity: Solving the Challenges of Working Remotely"

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