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ESX Innovation Award-Winning Cloud Video Recording Solution

UL Listed Cloud Alarm Center

CloudEye Overview

It should come as no surprise that cloud computing is changing the dynamics of how we work and do business. As IT departments are transitioning from physical computing to the cloud, DICE Corporation has been at the forefront of cloud hosting technology. With CloudEye, we are able to provide a complete video recording solution for monitoring centers, retail and loss prevention, and everything in between. Featuring minimal set-up, no need to purchase and maintain equipment, and the ability to manage footage remotely, CloudEye is a top choice for businesses looking for new ways to access and record video surveillance.

Features & Highlights

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Set up without the need for technicians

Simply connect the video gateway to your internet network and complete set-up through our Matrix data entry grid. Cameras are ready to view and record in seconds without ever having to leave the office or hire technicians.

UL Listed - Alarm Center

Eliminate costly DVRs and infrastructure

Stop paying for costly DVRs and infrastructure maintenance. CloudEye maintains UL-listed and redundant recording technology in our cloud centers, so you don’t have to. Users can choose how much footage to record and the length of time it’s stored, giving you more options.

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Implement with no capital expenses

With no investments in infrastructure and minimal start-up costs, CloudEye is a cost-efficient way to manage your own video surveillance. Our cloud video recording technology works with your existing IP cameras and eliminates the need for on-site recording technology.

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Manage video surveillance remotely

CloudEye is completely browser-based, so you never have to be on site to access live and recorded footage or change settings. Set-up new cameras, choose video quality, adjust the length of recording time, and send links to access recordings without ever leaving your desk.

Working with all Manufacturers

Integrate with other Matrix products

CloudEye is capable of being fully integrated with our Matrix automation products, including Monitoring, which provides users with access to live and recorded footage during an alarm event; the SMS Communications Gateway, which sends text messages; and Commercial Portal, which combines live footage with account information.

Working with all Manufacturers

View camera status with exclusive dashboard

With most video surveillance products, users are unable to monitor camera status, resulting in outages going unnoticed and lapses in recordings. The CloudEye dashboard displays camera status and location in easy to access graphs. Users can choose to receive email and SMS notifications through the dashboard as well.

ESX Innovation Award Winner for Hosted and Managed Video Systems

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