Matrix PSIM

Integrate security applications and devices and control them through one interface including AI video, pre-defined workflows, and GPS mapping. 


Integrate all security systems for a building or multi-site area into an integrated platform. 

Guide operators with pre-defined workflows, processes, and step-by-step instructions. 

Implement a smart city video platform with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and analytics. 

Send security personnel, end-users, and law enforcement live view video of any situation. 

Access GPS mapping for immediate situation awareness, mass notifications, and more.

Embed iPBX with cloud audio archiving to access and send recordings for reference.     

Matrix PSIM

Matrix PSIM, our Physical Security Information Management platform, integrates security applications and devices and controls them through one interface. Operators are guided by pre-defined workflows and processes, GPS mapping for immediate situational awareness, the ability to select cameras and a video platform with artificial intelligence that provide efficiency, faster assessments and enhanced security.  

Monitoring and Event Management Solutions

Matrix Alarms

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Handle alarms and unique events, view surveillance footage as it happens, and simplify call center workflow. 

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Matrix Lite


Run your central station with a simple, affordable, and efficient alarm and event management solution. 

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Matrix Interactive


Take advantage of the latest technology with smart, integrated video, AI, and analytics remote monitoring tools.

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