Matrix PERS Alert

Provide seniors and others, with real time monitoring tools for location viewing, two-way voice, and more.  


Comply with all Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) software guidelines.

Work with almost any PERS unit and safeguard lone workers, teenagers, seniors, and more. 

Implement two-way voice communication to stay in constant contact with the user.

Monitor location-based GPS devices to deploy immediate assistance from any location. 

Connect operators to family or medical personnel without placing the user on hold. 

Handle any situation with precision and confidence using predefined scripts and patient information.

Matrix PERS Alert

Matrix PERS Alert provides real time remote monitoring for at risk users such as senior citizens or lone workers and gives them the ability to communicate and receive immediate emergency attention. Matrix PERS Alert offers much more than other software, including HIPAA compliance, custom scripts, location services, and the ability to speak with emergency contacts or medical personnel without putting the user on hold. Plus, Matrix PERS Alert works with most PERS or mobile PERS devices.

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